Friday, August 22, 2008

Hair secret #2

This hair is my favorite synthetic hair to use when I braid the hair for a weave. The name of the brand is called Femi and you can purchase it at the beauty supply store. The hair is used to do kinky twist. I like to use this SPECIFIC type of hair because:

1. It will hold your braid pattern together longer.
2. It is more easier to grip while adding it to your braids.
3. It dosen,t move when you add it ( no slipping and sliding ).
4. You don,t have to worry about your braid unraveling because it grasps the hair very well.

I highly recommend this type of hair to use when doing your weaves. You can,t go wrong with this hair, It looks just like african american hair ( before we put in chemicals ). You can most definitley use this hair on clients with a more softer or straighter texture hair as well. It will grip the hair and hold their braids better than the regular synthetic ( most of you know it as kanakelon braid hair in a long pack, 3 for $5 ).

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