Sunday, September 14, 2008

Taking care of your curly Beauty Supply Store hair

1. Never wash it
2. Use diluted scalp antiseptic to clean your scalp with a cotton ball
3. Use hair gloss to keep it looking pretty
4. Use your choice of a curl maintaing cream ( check the hair care or advice forum, they have some pretty good suggestions
4. To keep it from tangling up at the bottom, back of your neck; Try not to spray perfume on your skin and get it on your hair. The idea is to keep alcohol products away from the hair and spray gloss on it and brush it with a paddle brush.
5. You can braid the hair up at night to keep your curls or waves ( I would suggest to do this around the time when the hair starts to look old and use pink oil moisturizer to braid the hair).
6. Treating the hair like it is your hair will help it to obey and last for you. try not to put heavy products on the hair to weigh it down.
7. Last but not least keep it simple always.

Maintaining your hair with Bss curly install
1. Use a white towel and run some hott water on it and clean your hair that you left out ( try not to leave out to much hair out ). Use your trusty antiseptic and clean your hair ( only spray it on the towel and wipe while wet.)
2. If you can get your hands on that trust Nairobi you are in there. That is the best agent I like to use to blend in hair left out with the curly weave if the person dosen,t want to curl or crimp there hair. After applying the foam braid or twist the hair to get what ever curl pattern you want ( I prefer the braid ). Or just simply wear the hair as is with the foam helping to blend in the hair beautifully.
3. If the hair left out has been curl to blend in, sometimes that hair left out gets dry. All you have to do is use a little grease and water to keep it moisturized depending on your hair texture ( coarse hair I recommend using this regime ) and for medium textured hair just use a little hair gloss and go.
4. Keep it simple! PeaceWink

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Gurl thanks for the tips you are the bomb!